Lovely to see you!

Home is where your heart is – it’s undoubtably our favourite place to be. And when we’re travelling and away from home – may it be for vacation, a business trip or another reason to be away from home – we miss it. It never matters with how many stars a hotel is valued. What is really important are the people who give their all to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We at the Landhotel Kräuterberg´l are practiced travellers – and we used our experienced in order to create this hotel. Like a puzzle we combined all of the aspects we found most special and memorable elsewhere to make the Kräuterberg´l become a place which we would love to stay in. Hopefully so do you.

Our experiences in this field and our high standarts regarding the comfort of our guests are part of our philosophy. We intend to cause a feeling of wellbeing and of a „home away from home“ for you, no matter what makes you visit us. We want you to truly get in the condition of being relaxed, feeling right at home and looking forward to return soon.
„When I think of Landhotel Kräuterberg’I get a warm feeling inside.“ What we crave and what motivates us is you to be able to say that and to really mean it after visiting our country-flaired hotel.