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Herb of the month January

In the cold month of January – not by chance, called Snow Month or Ice Moon in German – we think of strengthening, spicing and energizing herbs. These first weeks of the year are not really a season for fresh herbs, but our favourite of the month unfolds its powerful aroma even when dried.

Marjoram is a perennial herb, has smooth leaves and belongs to the same plant genus as oregano, although its spicy-sweet aroma distinguishes it clearly from oregano. Due to the strong essential oils it should be used sparingly – in contrast to many other herbs. It does not matter whether marjoram is used fresh, dried or frozen. As one of the best-known seasoning herbs, it is indispensable in the kitchen and especially popular with hearty dishes in the cold season. Its aroma matches perfectly with meat and feathered game such as duck or partridge. Marjoram goes excellently with porcini mushrooms and is an important ingredient in sausage production. This is why some people know it as “sausage cabbage”.

Marjoram as a medicinal herb is used as tea, in the form of infusions, as ointment or pure and thus shows its relaxing, digestive and antispasmodic effect. Already in ancient times it was used to treat psychological complaints or women’s ailments.

Ask for winter soups with marjoram at our herbal breakfast – we will be happy to experiment with you at one of our themed breakfasts. And are pleased to prepare our tomato mushroom scrambled eggs with marjoram on request.