Bereit zum Gedeihen – der Purpursalbei vor den Frühstücksräumen

Herb of the Month: February

Sage / Purple Sage

Sage is often used as a medicinal herb in winter to treat the many colds, flus and coughs we suffer then. Its effects are varied – it cleanses, reduces inflammation, promotes concentration and disinfects, as well as energising, relieving and strengthening. It is also a popular aromatic tea plant, and sometimes burned for its cleansing fragrance. Like oregano, the aroma of the dried leaves is quite a bit more intense than fresh leaves – another reason why sage is employed as a medicinal product or when cooking in winter. In the kitchen, it is a key ingredient in the Italian classic ‘saltimbocca’, and a perfect addition to any pasta sautéed in butter. At Kräuterberg’l, we grow the Purple Sage variety, which is more compact and fuller than pure sage, and is a true feast for the eyes with its purple leaves. We planted the hardy herb in November as an eye-catcher in front of the breakfast room sun terrace, and look forward to enjoying its gorgeous scent all year-round, and its blue-violet to lilac-blue bloom at the height of summer.