Winterliche Anpflanzungen am „Kräuterberg’l“ – Lavendel „Dwarf Blue“

Herb of the Month: January

Lavender / ‘Dwarf Blue’ Lavender

Lavender is best known for its calming effect. It is originally from the Mediterranean, and grows best in dry, warm conditions. As a hardy plant, it generally survives winters in our climate without additional protection. It is a shrub, and its violet flower, which blooms from June to August, is particularly popular. It has many applications – for example, as a moth repellent in closets, as a fragrance for perfumes, detergents and soaps, as a delicate flavouring when cooking fish or meat, or as a gardening aid to ward off greenfly. The more compact, smaller and darker variety we grow at Kräuterberg’l is called ‘Dwarf Blue’. We can’t until it fills our country hotel with its fresh colour and typical fragrance in a few months’ time.