Rosmarin schmückt das Landhotel an vielen Stellen und ist zudem fester Bestandteil der süßen wie auch herzhaften Frühstücksküche des Kräuterberg'l

Herb of the Month: June

Tastier and helpful: the bridal wreath from earlier days

Hardly any herb offers so many possibilities of use – no matter whether in the kitchen or in natural medicine. That is why it is said that the whole natural healing pharmacy is united in this one plant. Our June favourite rosemary is of course also used in the Kräuterberg’l summer kitchen and therefore deserves to be presented here.

As a very important herb, rosemary bears many other names and various meanings have been attributed to it since ancient times. In the past, many brides wore a rosemary wreath as a symbol of love and loyalty. The German name “bride’s cabbage” goes back to this custom, which lasted until a myrtle wreath replaced rosemary.

A special feature compared to many other medicinal herbs is the stimulating effect of the leaves of rosemary, which is why it is a good aid especially for low blood pressure. Here we recommend the use of essential rosemary oil in morning baths. The balancing effect of rosemary on the nervous system or its use against general fatigue and to promote the concentration of the brain should also be emphasized, to name just a few of the numerous natural medical applications of this miracle herb. In addition to medicine, rosemary can also be used wonderfully as a disinfectant, which makes it harmless to pathogens and best dispels moths with its scent.

The spicy evergreen shrub loves dry and sunny locations and delights people in our latitudes from May to September with its pale-blue to blue-violet flowers. Its leaves can be harvested all year round and processed into oil, but this should only be used in diluted form.

In the warm season, this herb, which originates from the Mediterranean region, is known especially in garden kitchens. Grilled potatoes marinated with rosemary, courgettes, fish, poultry or lamb are delicious. At our Kräuterberg’l you will find rosemary in several places – whether as a decoration in our rooms, as herb pot for breakfast or as a delicious ingredient in our jams and juices. If we stimulated your appetite, look forward to our summer recipes with which we duly celebrate rosemary.