Herb snail and garden tiger – our animal new members

Herb, herbs, herb snail …

… and with it a new selection of popular acquaintances and unusual newcomers. Since late summer our kitchen fairies find numerous seasonings directly at the entrance of the country hotel, in our green herb snail. Do you know the variety of mint? With us you can taste it – Roman mint, Habek mint, lime mint or Australian mint. They all have their very own aroma, which you have to taste right. If you like it hot, you can also try Wasabi, the Japanese horseradish. Or try our classic chives of the “Elbe” variety in good company with Swiss thyme. Greetings from pine rosemary or Egyptian shrub basil may be found in one of our delicious herb dips. The desert lavender, a wonderful addition from the field of aromatic herbs, appeals to the visual and olfactory stimuli. Perhaps the eponym of your cosy Kräuterberg’l room is also represented in our herb snail?

Since some weeks we are happy about “another” animal newcomer – our three cuddly and playful kittens Sherlock Holmes, Peter Hase and Purzel, whose charm (almost) nobody can escape. They love to welcome our guests, take every new (herbal) decoration by assault and enliven the hotel garden to the delight of all. Playing and stroking is explicitly desired.