Zur feierlichen Eröffnung am 31. Januar 2019 zeigt Geschäftsleiterin Caterina Venus Landrat Michael Geisler und vielen anderen Gästen das Herzstück des „Kräuterberg’l“, die Backstube

Official Opening

On 31 January, the day had finally come – Landhotel Kräuterberg’l officially opened its doors! The event was attended by 30 invited guests, including District Administrator Michael Geisler and Kreischa’s Mayor Frank Schöning. They were the first to explore the master baker’s bakehouse and inspect his wares. During the relaxed winter brunch – featuring many herb-based delicacies, in keeping with the hotel’s theme – the ‘green heart’ of Kräuterberg’l was on everyone’s lips. We are passionate about old, in some cases forgotten, herbs and plants. The country hotel’s herbal specialist and qualified master gardener strives to preserve these at-risk varieties, as much traditional lore has already been lost and people no longer know the many uses for the green marvels, in spite of the wealth of modern knowledge on medicinal and kitchen herbs. In future, she aims to share her constantly growing treasure trove of knowledge on herbs with guests and anyone else who is interested during many fascinating seminars on the country hotel’s ‘green heart’.