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Winter snacks: Emmer crispy crackers with olive oil

Does it only have to be sweets during Advent and Christmas? We are very enthusiastic about the hearty Emmer crackers of the FarmZauber baker, which are very popular already at the morning breakfast buffet in the Landhotel. The great thing about it: with flour from the original grain Emmer you can do something really good for yourself and your health thanks to the high content of proteins and minerals. What is special about Emmer is its characteristic dark colour and spicy aroma. We do not want to withhold them from you and wish you much pleasure in trying out a particularly fine snack.

“Emmer Crispy Cracker with Olive Oil”

Ingredients for a baking sheet
– 120 g wholemeal emmer flour
– 150 g water
– 60 g sunflower seeds
– 30 g linseed
– 45 g sesame seeds
– 30 g pumpkin seeds
– 30 g high quality olive oil
– 4 g salt

First mix – do not knead – all ingredients with a wooden spoon to a uniform mass. This is then applied as thinly and evenly as possible to a baking sheet with baking paper and baked at 150 °C in a preheated oven (top/bottom heat) for 15 minutes until crispy. With the pizza cutter or a knife you now divide the slightly sticky mass into equal squares (2x2cm) and can leave it pure or season it with herb salt, paprika or caraway seeds as desired. Then bake at 140-150 °C for another 55 minutes. If you want to give your crisps a cheese flavour, sprinkle it on about 15 minutes before removing. Your delicious crackers are ready! A tasty snack – for example in combination with hearty herb cream cheese, oriental ginger fig orange dip or sweet tomato butter.

Our tip:
Nicely packaged, the Emmer crackers are also a special, homemade Christmas present for your loved ones. However, the bags should remain open for at least one day. From one baking sheet you obtain about four small Christmas bags.