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Seasonal Recipe Winter

Winter snacks: Emmer crispy crackers with olive oil Does it only have to be sweets during Advent and Christmas? We are very enthusiastic about the hearty Emmer crackers of the FarmZauber baker, which are very popular already at the morning breakfast buffet in the Landhotel. The great thing about it: with flour from the original […]

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We love them: warm soups in the colours of autumn

Seasonal recipe autumn “The woods are colourful now …” tells an old German folk song. Our autumnal kitchen loves the colours of this season, too. Gourmets of our breakfast buffet – whether house guests or not – can look forward to many colourful delicacies. Our kitchen fairies conjure up autumnal fruit jam from plums, elderberries […]

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Rosmarin gibt Marmeladen und Säften eine ganz besondere Note

Seasonal Recipe: Summer

Everything with rosemary – herb juice & marmelade Summer is here and we can hardly wait to try out the slight ideas of our herb cuisine and share them with you. Matching the herb of June, we present three ways to experience rosemary as a stimulating and aromatic herb in a completely different way. Celebrate […]

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Ein Vorschlag unseres Bäckermeisters - Süßer Hefeteig mit Kräutern

Seasonal Recipe: Spring

Easter and Spring Bread In spring, we begin to long for a light, seasonal recipe. Our herbs are craning their necks to catch even the faintest rays of sunlight, while our baker fine tunes his spring recipes. Now, he is letting us share a delicious secret from his bakehouse with you. This recipe can be […]

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Unser Winterrezpt - "Ofenkartoffeln mit Oregano"

Seasonal Recipe: Winter

Baked Potatoes with Oregano In autumn and winter, many people long for nourishing comfort food. That doesn’t necessarily mean meat: there are plenty of vegetarian dishes that are reinvigorating and filling in the winter months. ‘Baked potatoes with dried oregano’ is our simple, but particularly flavoursome winter favourite. Origanum vulgare, more commonly known as oregano, […]

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