House Rules

Dear guest,

We are delighted that you have chosen our hotel and hope that you will spend a few wonderful days and find real relaxation here. We do our best to make your stay at our hotel an enjoyable and relaxing on, so that you can look back fondly on your time with us. You can help us do that by familiarising yourself with our House Rules and which form part of our General Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge these conditions with binding and obligatory effect when you place your booking. You can look forward to a well-kept, clean, well-appointed and spacious establishment. We would appreciate your support to keep it this way for you and all of our guests.


On your arrival day, the rooms will be available to you from 2.00 pm. If you would like to arrive earlier, please let us know in advance so we can have your rooms ready when you arrive, if possible. When you arrive, we need a valid ID document to fulfil the legally mandated registration requirements for accommodation guests. When checking in, please feel free to let us know when you prefer to have breakfast, as well as any special requests. We will be happy to help you carry your luggage.

You can either organise your departure one day in advance, or conveniently on the morning of your departure. We will be happy to prepare your bill in advance on request. Please remember to leave a little time for the check-out process, so that any questions can be answered. You can pay in cash (we accept bank notes up to max. € 200.00) or using debit (EC) or credit card. You can return your room key, car park card and all other keys etc. you have received (e.g. fridge key) on your departure day. Please clear your room by 10.00 am to enable us to prepare the room for the next guests. Outside these hours, we offer a luggage storage service at reception. We assume no liability for luggage we store temporarily.


If there are problems with the lift, or it becomes stuck with guests inside, the staff in attendance is trained to carry out the necessary measures. The lift runs while reception is open. At all other times, please use the stairs (Level 1, second door to the right beside the lift).


Due to the current situation, guests must not bring visitors to the hotel. Anyone found in breach of this will be fined € 350.00. The Health and Hygiene Authority inspects our hotel at regular intervals. Accordingly, infringements of these official requirements are punished severely and consistently. We pass these costs on to whoever causes them, in this case the guest in our hotel.


As we naturally respect your privacy, our employees will not generally enter your room without your consent. In spite of this, our personnel must enter your room to clean it. If you hang a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door, we will respect that. However, if you leave it on the door, you must accept that your room will not be cleaned on that day. In the event of emergencies, our employees also reserve the right to enter your room without your consent – even if you are not there (and even if there is a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door).


We are an environmentally friendly hotel and change your bed linen and towels as required and requested. Leave your towels on the floor if you want them replaced, or hang them up to continue using them. If you require additional towels or need an extra change of bed linen, you can request this for an additional fee at our reception.

We also have special hypoallergenic bed linen for allergy sufferers. Please let us know your needs before you arrive.


Fire prevention (no open fires in rooms, no smoking, no third-party electrical appliances) is our top priority. We assume that every guest will behave cautiously and prudently. We ask you to notify our staff immediately of any defects or damage to the fire doors and smoke extraction system you notice. The smoke extraction system in the corridor on Level 2 opens automatically in the event of a fire, or is triggered manually by the fire brigade using the pushbutton alarm. Please read the fire extinguishing regulations and how to use the fire extinguishers, study the escape route plans and find the shortest escape route from your room to prepare yourself for potential fire alarms.


We offer our guests with bicycles storage lockers for their bicycles, a drying room for their clothes, a set of repair tools and bicycle touring maps. Just ask our staff at reception.


Of course, the best way to start a good day is with a delicious and healthy breakfast. We have created some delicious breakfast combination menus for you. Whether you want to start the day with a sweet breakfast, a country breakfast or a hearty hiker’s delight – the choice is yours. We look forward to serving you breakfast from Mon-Fri, 7.00 am until 10.00 am; and on Sat/Sun/public holidays from 7.30 am to 10.30 am in our breakfast room (Level 0), or in your hotel room on request. Please order your breakfast from the staff at reception or use the order card in your room by dropping it into our internal mailbox.

  • You will find our breakfast menu on the clipboard, which you will receive in your room with further important information when you arrive.

Guests are not permitted to take food for a full day with them. If you require catered food for the day (packed lunch, dinner etc.), we can arrange it for an additional fee.


Why not relax in our interactive tasting garden? You can discover interesting herbs and savour the produce from our berry bushes and vegetable plants.


Commercial film and photography is only permitted in the rooms and grounds with prior written consent from the management.


Nobody damages or loses things on purpose However, sometimes things break or get lost. We would like you to let us know if anything is damaged or lost during your stay, so we do not have to discover it after your departure or during final cleaning. The hotel shall only be liable for the resulting damage in the event of grossly negligent culpability in its fulfilment responsibilities. Guests use their own electrical appliances at their own responsibility. The hotel shall not accept any liability for loss, damages et cetera. Guests shall be liable for damages incurred by the hotel due to the use/operation of devices/installations belonging to the guests which have not been tested by TÜV.


Pets are welcome by arrangement and for an additional fee of € 11,90 per day. Please let us know in advance if you intended to bring pets with you. Should you fail to adhere to our guidelines (Basic rules for dog owners) and cause coarse soiling of the hotel room, we will bill you an additional cleaning fee of € 150.00 for inability to rent the room for 2 days. If you infringe and/or fail to comply, we reserve the right to terminate the accommodation contract with immediate effect.


Excessive consumption of alcohol, and bringing drugs or weapons of any kind into the hotel will lead to immediate expulsion and exclusion from the hotel and property. In any case, the responsible authorities will be notified immediately and a police report will be filed.


Wireless Internet access is available at the hotel for a fee. You will receive an access code to use the Internet with your own device for the period required. Before using the Wi-Fi access, guests are required to accept the terms of use. Guests use the Internet at their own risk. The hotel shall not accept any liability. Use of illegal sites can be attributed to users via room location, and the hotel will report abuse of the Wi-Fi service to the police.


We enjoy hosting your children and always strive to make everyone’s time in our hotel as pleasant as possible in this home away from home, especially for kids. However, please note that we have no supervisory responsibility for your children in accordance with our contractual agreements, and we will not take responsibility for them, even in individual cases. Per your own legal supervisory responsibility, we therefore urge you to ensure that your children are guided and supervised appropriately for their age. Please also see our separate playroom rules, which are on display in the play room.


Out of consideration for all other guests, we ask you not to be loud in hotel rooms, on the floors and outside the hotel between the hours of 10.00 pm and 6.00 am, so that everyone can sleep peacefully at night. In the event of conflicts, we reserve the right to confiscate sources of noise until you depart.


Our fire alarm is a loud audible signal. When it sounds, you are not permitted to return to your room. You must leave the hotel immediately via the designated escape routes. You must only use the stairs and emergency stairways to do so. You must not use the lift. Emergency exits are marked accordingly. All escape route maps are on display at reception and in the rooms, as well the corresponding corridors. The emergency assembly point is in the car park (north of the hotel). The emergency numbers 110 and 112 are known throughout Germany. For technical emergencies (rescue from a stuck lift, accidents or power failure, etc.), outside reception opening hours, you can reach the employee on call at the emergency number 0162/ 8571539.


Our hotel has an on-site car park for guests, with 20 parking spaces and 1 parking space for the disabled. The car park is only accessible via a barrier. Parking is free for you as a guest. You do not have a fundamental entitlement to a specific parking space, except the parking space for the disabled. The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply throughout the grounds. The grounds and car park are private property and subject to our householder’s rights. You must follow any instructions from hotel staff regarding the parking rules and parking your car. Escape and rescue routes are marked as such and must be kept clear at all times. Cars parked illegally or incorrectly shall be removed at the holder’s cost. You park your car at your own risk. The hotel does not accept liability for damages incurred by you and/or your car while you park here. Use of the hotel’s parking spaces does not result in any insurance-related claims. There are other public parking spaces within walking distance of the hotel.

The car park can only be accessed by passing a barrier. You need a special access card to do so, which you will receive when you check in at reception (provided parking spaces are available). If you are arriving outside the opening hours, your access card will be waiting for you in our key box. A member of our staff will open the barrier for you during reception opening hours. To access the car park, use the blue terminal at the barrier entrance (ring the bell or hold your barrier card at the terminal).


All rooms/corridors and public areas are fitted with smoke detectors. As a result, smoking is prohibited everywhere in the hotel. In the event of any violations of this regulation, we will charge you € 75.00 plus the price of an additional night’s stay (€ 75.00) to compensate for the inability to rent the room for the following two days. Where the smoke detectors were triggered by smoking in spite of the regulations, we will also charge you for the resulting financial damages for the fire brigade deployment,  personnel deployment, clearing the building, inability to rent the rooms et cetera.


We reward – you save. Protecting you is just as important to us as protecting the environment. For this reason we clean your room every third day. This helps to minimize contacts and makes traveling even safer for you. In addition to that we protect our environment and use resources responsibly. Our thank you to you: 3% discount on your room rate.* (*You would like your room to be cleaned every day? Please do not hesitate to contact us.)”

On your day of departure, we ask you to clear the rubbish you leave behind into the appropriate disposal containers provided in the room. We will invoice you the costs incurred for cleaning rooms if there is excessive soiling/littering. If you require extra rubbish bags, please ask the housekeeping staff or at reception. Please note that we will charge you for disposal of any commercial rubbish. Toiletries must only be disposed of in the hygienic bins provided in every bathroom in the hotel. We will charge you based on the actual costs incurred and lost rental income for the room and resultant damages to the building or the disposal drains in the event of improper disposal.


The hotel provides you with a key for your room for the duration of your stay. We can provide you with a second key on request if two people are sharing a room. Your room key gives you access to your hotel room and the main entrance at the north of the hotel (car park). Outside opening hours, the south entrance is locked and can only be used as an escape route. You must return your key to reception or drop it into the internal mailbox (near reception). A high-quality locking system is installed throughout the entire hotel. As a result, making and replacing lost keys is extremely expensive. If you lose a key, we will charge you a replacement fee of € 90.00 per key.


While staying at our hotel, we ask you to behave in an environmentally-friendly manner, especially when it comes to water and electricity.

When you leave the hotel room, please close the windows and doors and switch off the light and TV.

Please do NOT leave any towels, other items, shoes or clothes on the radiators. If you block the radiator, your room will not be heated properly, as the hot air from the heating system cannot spread around the room. Please use the towel racks for towels and the shower curtain rail for the bath mat.

We ask our guests to be considerate and not to endanger other guests. Please do not slide down banisters, throw items out the window or climb over windowsills and external railings.

For hygienic reasons, guests should wear shoes and be appropriately dressed when entering the breakfast room. Please wear a mask when moving through the hotel and entering the breakfast room. Once you reach your seats, you can remove your mask.

If you forget personal items when you leave the hotel, we will be happy to send them to the address stated on the registration certificate on request if you pay the postage.


The management is entitled to expel or exclude guests who break the law in the hotel or on the grounds, or who repeatedly violate the House Rules, without reimbursing costs. Our employees are empowered to issue instructions to our guests with regard to compliance with the House Rules. We ask you to note this and always follow any such instructions.


We offer our hiking guests a range of hiking maps to the surrounding area, rental trekking poles and a drying room for clothes. Just  ask our staff at reception.


On request, we can have your laundry and clothing cleaned by our external service provider. Prices and other details will be arranged separately with the laundry.


Did you forget your alarm clock? – We will be happy to wake you at a specific time with a personal wake-up call.


Each room has a lockable cabinet. We expressly remind you that this cabinet does not meet legal insurance standards. Valuables can be kept in the hotel safe in reception, which meets insurance-related requirements.


There is a room inventory list in every room folder. Please notify us of any damaged and/or missing inventory items immediately after your arrival, i.e. on the day you arrive. If anything in your room is damaged, please complete the enclosed repair card and hand it to the hotel’s employees. We will have it repaired as quickly as possible or make alternative arrangements until a professional repair can be completed, so that you will feel completely at home. Please note that retrospective complaints/damage reports will not be accepted and therefore attributed and billed to you. Removal of inventory from rooms is prohibited and any guests who do so will be fined and required to pay the cost of replacement (in the event of damage) of the inventory item(s).

If you notice any discrepancies or have any queries, the employees at reception are available daily during the opening hours. If you have questions about your stay at our hotel, or other requests/concerns, you can contact one of our employees at any time.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We wish you a pleasant stay at

Landhotel Kräuterberg’l Kreischa.