“For me, baking is a craft and a passion.” You immediately believe our master baker when he describes his profession, more a true calling than a just a way to earn a living for him, with these words.

However, passion alone is not enough to produce exceptional, healthy baked goods; you need the right ingredients, of course. We use products sourced from dynamic organic farms almost exclusively. Regional ties are also extremely important for us. For instance, much of our flour is domestically produced, from fields visible from the country hotel’s windows.
For us, it is just is important that the baked goods produced in in our craft bakehouse are given the time they need to mature and rise. Only then can the quality of every individual ingredient come into its own, without any artificial additives or substitutes, flavours etc.

Using technology deliberately is just as important as choosing ingredients responsibly. The word ‘H A N D C R A F T’ itself reveals something that should be self-evident, but often no longer is today. Our baked goods are largely made by hand, with sparing use of technological aids. For example, excessive mechanical processing reduces the nutritional value of many good ingredients. You can really taste our emphasis on handcrafts.

Our master baker is fascinated by old recipes and what he learned from the master who trained him. This knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation and you can savour it again and again every morning at our breakfast buffet. As a particular specialty, our baker is always on the lookout for new recipes for Saxon farmhouse bread, herb rolls or any other dough pieces. Let us surprise you with the products from our bakehouse. We’re sure you will love them.

Of course, a healthy relationship with food and nutrition is important to many. Along with our master baker, Landhotel Kräuterberg’l aims to minimise waste by only producing, offering and serving the quantity of fresh food that will actually be eaten on the buffet. Anyone who produces food like our master baker is particularly aware of its value. We are happy to support this.

In line with the French ‘Décret 93-1047’, the hotel’s dough is produced, baked and sold in one place. Even though the baking craft is not legally protected and these guidelines are not binding in Germany, we follow these regulations because we believe in them and love handcrafts.

We create baked goods in highest quality. At the same time, we are constantly working to expand our range – without automation of any kind. That makes baking a time-intensive process, e.g. for our naturally matured sourdough. We know that that is far from a given today – but we insist on it.

Working hand in glove, our two masters produce successful compositions time and again. Our master gardener and our master baker fine-tune and hone the tried-and-tested, and experiment with new and special items to offer extraordinary taste experiences. High-quality ingredients and plenty of passion are combined to create new breads and rolls every morning, which remind many locals of their childhood. And that is no coincidence. The master baker also tinkers with old and much-loved recipes, forgotten in many bakehouses – but not by customers. We are always excited to see what new takes on old recipes he will surprise us with tomorrow.

Coming soon: Baking courses for everyone

It is great to listen to our baker. And even better to learn with and from him. For example, how to make proper sourdough; or the difference between bread from a stone-plate oven and bread baked on a perforated plate; or why German bread was justifiably added to the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Visit this page regularly. We will let you know when courses that give answers to these and many other questions will start, and when you can not only look over his shoulder, but also go hands-on and bake along with him. See you soon at Landhotel Kräuterberg’l!