When you see our herbal specialist surrounded by her plants, it’s clear that she has found her true calling there. She is a qualified master gardener who loves herbs and is full of ideas for decorating Kräuterberg’l with them, and for teaching guests about the world of herbs. “Herbs follow the same natural laws as everything else – they need time to grow and you have to gradually learn the ideal conditions for each herb, and their ‘favourite’ neighbours.“ These are the words of someone who has turned their hobby into a career.

At our hotel, let our herbal specialist can take you on voyage of discovery, giving you opportunities to experience herbs with all your senses. Enjoy the sight of fresh herbal bouquets and garlands in our rooms, dream sweet with lavender cushions in your room, enjoy fresh herby curd cheese for breakfast or get your hands dirty in our herb garden – for example at one of our future herb seminars, where plenty of knowledge will be shared, and participants can join in to pluck, pull, chop and press the herbs. At our hotel, soothing aromas fill the air and wonderful herbal souvenirs help you remember your stay and what you created yourself.

All herbs are not created equal, but we don’t believe in weeds. We want to share our knowledge of with as many interested persons as possible. Whether it’s classic (kitchen) herbs or oft-forgotten, now almost exotic wild herbs, there is an infinite variety, ranging from angelica root and glasswort, to ribwort – to name but three.

We plant old, forgotten herbs, try to find their ideal garden neighbours and harness their old powers. Our herbs are used in many delicious dairy and baked goods, and as medicinal herbs, both for humans and the animals in the local farms in Kreischa. They also feature in many other delicacies, such as unusual herbal salts, medicinal tea mixtures or delicious pesto.

Our master gardener’s herbs are grown and processed in accordance with the strict EU guidelines for organic produce. They thrive in the grounds of Landhotel Kräuterberg’l or grow on organic farms in Kreischa, where organic dynamic farming is practised cyclically. The seeds, compost and crop protection used are 100% organic. Most importantly, the roughly 100 varieties we currently grow are selected, cared for and used with enthusiasm and love. And that is something you can see and taste.