Herb of the month

Famous and popular in kitchen and pharmacy

Herb of the month January In the cold month of January – not by chance, called Snow Month or Ice Moon in German – we think of strengthening, spicing and energizing herbs. These first weeks of the year are not really a season for fresh herbs, but our favourite of the month unfolds its powerful […]

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Strong medicinal herb for lovers

Herb of the month December The twelfth and last month of the year marks the beginning of the Advent and Christmas season. In December, formerly known as Julmond – from the Germanic Jul Festival or Winter Solstice Festival – we experience the shortest days of the year, celebrate Christmas and end the year 2019 with […]

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Healing spice herb – not only for the winner

Herb of the month November A well known and symbolic medicinal, aromatic and spice plant will be presented in November, the time of reflection and remembrance. Its botanical name Laurus derives from “laus”, the Latin word for praise. This naming goes back to the Romans of antiquity, who honoured military victors with the plant known […]

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Herb of the month September

The best friend of the beans – in the field and in the pot In September, in Germany also called autumn moon or in Switzerland harvest month, we present this time a representative of the typical kitchen herbs. For almost 40 different species we have chosen the well-known and popular winter savory. Other names (in […]

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Herb of the month August

Strong hedgehog forces against colds In the month of August we dedicate ourselves to a medicinal plant, which marvellously decorates the Kräuterberg’l these days with its purple flowers. We are talking about Echinacea. Coming from the Greek “Echinos” means the hedgehog, it refers to the brown-red centre of the flower pointing to the prickly journeymen. […]

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Herb of the month July

Captured power of the sun Our darling of the month July received his name because his perennial blossoms around St John’s Feast Day on 24 June. We are talking about St. John’s wort, which should be collected especially in July. With its bright sun-yellow flowers, the well-known mood-lightening effect can already be understood visually. This […]

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Rosmarin schmückt das Landhotel an vielen Stellen und ist zudem fester Bestandteil der süßen wie auch herzhaften Frühstücksküche des Kräuterberg'l

Herb of the Month: June

Tastier and helpful: the bridal wreath from earlier days Hardly any herb offers so many possibilities of use – no matter whether in the kitchen or in natural medicine. That is why it is said that the whole natural healing pharmacy is united in this one plant. Our June favourite rosemary is of course also […]

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Spielt eine zentrale Rolle beim Osterbrunch im Landhotel - der Bärlauch

Herb of the Month: May

Strong as a bear The first signs of spring are the budding trees and shrubs, colourful early blossoming plants and the first green leaves and grasses we encounter at every turn in gardens, parks, on meadows and in forests. Our herb of the month for May is an equally dependable herald of spring’s arrival, but […]

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Wächst als eines der ersten Kräuter im Frühling: die Kresse

Herb of the Month: April

The Celts were among this herb’s first fans At the onset of spring, we want to present one of the Celts’ five sacred herbs. The herb in question is cress, which many know best as an aromatic. Its spicy boost of freshness makes it an ideal ingredient in potato salad, stuffed eggs, fish dishes, soups […]

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Ein sonniger Standort für den Feld-Thymian ist gefunden

Herb of the Month: March

Wild Thyme As winter gives way to spring, colds and coughs remain common, and we can all use the healing and health-bringing powers of dried medicinal herbs. Thyme – in our case wild thyme – retains almost its entire aroma when dried. In steam baths, its essential oils relieve flu-like symptoms, and it acts as […]

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