Tips: Day trips Dresden

If you want more culture and action, a visit to the city of Dresden, the state capital, is highly recommended. You can explore the internationally renowned city of culture on the River Elbe right after breakfast, as it is just 20 minutes by car, or a little longer by public transport from the hotel. It is a wonderful place to spend time, dine and explore. You can read our recommendations here:


Dresden, city of culture

(by distance from Landhotel Kräuterberg’l Kreischa)

Sights (selection)

‘Alte Meister’ (Old Masters, in Zwinger Palace)

‘Grünes Gewölbe’ (Green Vault, in Residenzschloss Palace)

Deutsches Hygienemuseum (German Hygiene Museum)

Schloss Eckberg Palace

Lignerschloss Palace

Shopping (selection)

  • Kaufpark Nickern (shopping mall)
  • Altmarkt-Galerie (shopping mall)
  • Centrum-Galerie (shopping mall)
  • Prager Strasse (pedestrian area)
  • Neumarkt Square (pedestrian area)
  • Hauptstrasse (pedestrian area)
  • Neustadt (trendy neighbourhood)
  • Elbepark (shopping mall)

Theatre/Opera/Cabaret (selection)

  • Semperoper (opera house)
  • Staatsschauspiel & Kleines Haus (theatres)
  • Kraftwerk Mitte (tjg theatre, Staatsoperette cabaret)
  • Societaetstheater (theatre)
  • Boulevardtheater (cabaret)
  • Theater August (puppet theatre)
  • Carte Blanche (burlesque cabaret)
  • COMÖDIE Dresden (musical/comedy theatre)
  • Breschke & Schuch (cabaret)
  • Herkuleskeule (cabaret)
  • Bebe Kabarett Theater Olaf Böhme (cabaret)