Tips: Hikes in and around Kreischa

Surrounded by the ‘Lockwitztal Valley and Gebergrund Glen’ nature reserve, the area is full of natural scenery that inspired and fascinated poets, artists and travellers in the past. For example, in 1849, Robert Schumann found the inspiration, peace and quiet he needed compose his ‘Revolutionary Marches’ while spending a few weeks in Kreischa. As guests of our country hotel, you can experience and explore the vibrant small town of Kreischa, as well as the charming landscape of the hikers’ paradise that starts right outside our front door. Explore the variety of hiking possibilities here:


Kastanienweg (Chestnut Trail) [1.4 km]

The shortest hiking trail starts at the Old Sanatorium above Saidaer Strasse. It ends 1400 m later at the Saida panoramic view on am Eichberg. It is marked with a chestnut symbol.

Robert-Schuhmann Trail [2.2 km]

The circular trail, named after composer, music critic and conductor Robert Schuhmann, starts and ends on the Kurpark Kreischa (Spa Park) circular trail. From Badebusch (Bath Bush, the forested slopes of the clinic grounds), set off towards the Lungkwitzer Anlagen (Lungkwitz Promenades), walk along the Lockwitzbach past the Soldatenhöhlen (Soldier Caves) back to the bust of Schumann in the Kurpark. It is marked with musical note symbols.

Mühlenweg (Mill Trail) [2.7 km]

The Mühlenweg is also a circular trail that takes hikers past the Brandmühle mill (now residential) and the ruins of the Hauswaldmühle mill. It is marked with a mill wheel symbol.

Gang um die Welt (Around the World) [3.5 km]

This historic stroll along a circular trail leads through Kurpark Kreischa (Spa Park) and has been a popular route since the spa opened here in 1839. It is marked with a globe symbol.

Panoramaweg (Panorama Trail) [3.7 km]

The Panoramaweg trail starts in Kreischa at the central Haussmannplatz. From there, it takes walkers via Pfarrweg to the Hindenburger Teich pond and Kirschallee avenue. Finally Hermsdorfer Strasse takes you back to Kreischa’s main square. There are several places to relax and two beautiful view points along the way that make the route particularly enjoyable. It is marked with a rising sun symbol.

Weinbergweg (Vineyard Trail) [5.0 km]

This route takes you along the edge of Kreischa’s vineyard, with beautiful views of Kreischa and Willisch. It is marked with vine symbols.

Kreischa Circular Trail [14.5 km]

The circular trail can be started at various points and takes you around the Kreischa valley basin with beautiful vistas.

Wilisch [3.8 km]

The basalt top of the Kreischa basin’s local peak at 476.2 m rises south of Kreischa and is a popular year-round hiking destination thanks to its relatively intact natural habitats.

Quohrener Kipse [3.8 km]

The mountain is part of a prominent range and, at 452.1 m, an easy hiking destination that offers wonderful views of the Elbsandsteingebirge Mountains and even as far as the Lusatian Highlands.

Babisnauer Pappel (Babisnau Poplar) [4.7 km]

The black poplar planted in 1808 is a natural landmark offering a marvellous panoramic view of Dresden and the Elbsandsteingebirge and Erzgebirge Mountains.

We would like to thank Heimat- und Fremdenverkehrsverein Kreischa (Kreischa’s Local Heritage and Tourism Association) for giving us access to a lot of historical and additional information on the network of hiking trails.