Your home away from home

Our hotel has history: It was built back in 1992 by a local family, the Werners. After serving as a hotel for over 20 years, and having welcomed quite a few prominent guests, it closed in December 2015, and was in need of a new purpose. Kreischa’s clinic, Klinik Bavaria, purchased the building and started a complex mod-ernisation and thoughtful redesign process, which has helped overhaul the hotel’s interior and exterior, in summer 2017. On 1 January 2019, a new age dawned for our house, the staff, and of course for you, our dear guests at Landhotel Kräuterberg’l Kreischa, the hotel with a ‘green heart’.

As always in life, the first impression is the most important one. First and foremost, we hope that our guests find us easily and arrive safely. That is important to us, even though it is the factor on which we have the least influence. The hotel offers guests arriving by car a free 20-space car park, accessed through a bar-rier. That saves you having to search for somewhere to park, and makes it easy for you to access the main entrance, which is at the car park level. All other guests arriving by public transport can walk roughly 300 m from the ‘Am Mühlgraben’ or ‘Oberer Dorfplatz’ stop, After the hotel’s heart and soul, our receptionists, welcome and check you in at reception, we will be happy to accompany you to your room and give you a quick guide to Kräuterberg’l. Thanks to our IT-backed book-ing system, we will be expecting you, and will have everything ready for your arrival. Then you can settle-in, explore and enjoy our world of herbs.